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Features Dialogic DM/V 2400A-PCI 

Supported Protocols  
   4ESS no 
   5ESS no 
   DASS2 no 
   DMS100 no 
   DMS250 no 
   DPNSS no 
   INS1500 no 
   NET5 no 
   NI-2 no 
   Q.Sig no 
   Computer Bus PCI, U 
   Conference Resources 120 (See note for addition info) 
   Fax Resources no 
   Load Factor - 
   Note up to 240 voice resources (depending on configuration needs), or 120 conference resources, or 60 of each. Max parties in a conference is 60. 
   PSTN Analog Lines no 
   PSTN E1 Trunk no 
   PSTN ISDN Trunk no 
   PSTN T1 Trunk no 
   Station Ports no 
   TDM Bus H.100 
   Time Slots 240 
   Voice Resources 240 (See note for addition info) 
* Refer to the Install and Configuration doc for further information

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